Incoming email from domain is rejected

Email sent from <> to my account on <> is being rejected with error


"550 5.1.0 <> sender rejected AUP#I-1330"


It has worked successfully for the last 20 years or so, recently started failing.

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Re: Incoming email from domain is rejected

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with that. 


If you are still experiencing this please do contact our support teams directly.


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328)



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Re: Incoming email from domain is rejected

I have contated the support team and they have been no help at all. The problem also occurs when mail is send from <> and is related only to a server named <> that rejects the senders. That server is owned by Charter Communications and has never appeared in the expanded header of any email I have ever received. The support reps I speak to know nothing, and claim the "engineers" point to the sender, when the error message clearly says "server dnvr... says sender rejected..." It is 2 different sender domains being rejected. Is there an email address for the postmaster where I can send my error messages and get an accurate technical evaluation of the problem?