Incoming email from domain is rejected

Email sent from <> to my account on <> is being rejected with error


"550 5.1.0 <> sender rejected AUP#I-1330"


It has worked successfully for the last 20 years or so, recently started failing.

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Re: Incoming email from domain is rejected

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with that. 


If you are still experiencing this please do contact our support teams directly.


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328)



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Re: Incoming email from domain is rejected

I have contated the support team and they have been no help at all. The problem also occurs when mail is send from <> and is related only to a server named <> that rejects the senders. That server is owned by Charter Communications and has never appeared in the expanded header of any email I have ever received. The support reps I speak to know nothing, and claim the "engineers" point to the sender, when the error message clearly says "server dnvr... says sender rejected..." It is 2 different sender domains being rejected. Is there an email address for the postmaster where I can send my error messages and get an accurate technical evaluation of the problem?


Re: Incoming email from domain is rejected

The problem is that Spectrum has 69 Time Warner Cable email servers with names <> where NN is 01-30, and <> where NN is 01-39. There are also 2 Charter Communications servers with names <> where N is 1 or 2. When an incoming email from <> or <> is received by any of the TWC servers all is well, as it has been since 2002.  If it is received by either of the Charter Comm servers it is rejected as coming from a "known spam site."


How does one access the "blacklist" of spam sites that the 2 Charter servers are using, and have these valid domains removed?

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Re: Incoming email from domain is rejected

The question you asked - about blacklisted email servers - should be answered by managers a few levels above those working the email help desk.  I doubt that Charter will ever give you access to their list, but they will probably tell you which blacklisting services they subscribe to.  Next you need to pound on the owners of the "banned"email server farms and to stop sourcing spam mails and gety themselves off the S*** list.