IMAP amd POP3 with Outlook 2013 is not supported by spectrum

I have spent at least 8 hours with Microsoft and Spectrum and finally found out that the two emails are not supported. To add insult to injury, I was using Webmail and after2 hours  writing an email I was told to save my email since they signed me out!


I also found out that I can use gmail with outlook 2013 along with IMAP!

The alternative is to purchase outlook 2016. Before I consider that option I wil send a registered letter to Charter Corporate office!

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Re: IMAP amd POP3 with Outlook 2013 is not supported by spectrum

Perhaps I am not understanding the issue. 


You are using Outlook 2013. You want to have multiple email accounts that you 

can work on from the email program. 


You can have multiple Spectrum Email addresses.  Example and   You can set both of those up in your Outlook program. 

short video on how to set up/add multiple accounts. 



Where are you having issues? If you can explain what steps you are taking to try and add the 2nd email account into Outlook perhaps we can help. 


As to Spectrum Email accounts you can have several, the number depends on the level of service you have. ELP you can have 5 Turbo you can have 25.  



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