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How to Block domain.

I get a ton of spam from the domain.  I have no contacts who use email.  Therefore I wish to block all emails from that domain.

Under ‘Settings’ I went to the ‘Allow and Block Messages options’ and then chose the radio button for’Advanced Block senders’


In the ‘Blocked Senders and Domains’ box I entered the text:


But the spam emails keep pouring in to my inbox.  I tried to enter, but the page rejects that.  I was able to enter *, but that doesn’t stop them either.


Can someone please tell me the proper way to block an entire domain using the ‘Allow and Block Messages options’ ?

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Re: How to Block domain.

Get a GOOD email service, like GMail or, then forward your mail there,  and use the filters they have and that work.



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Re: How to Block domain.

Yahoo Mail serves as the contracted home of email services for several other domains, such as  The Yahoo 'spam' you are receiving may be originating in one of these 'subsidiary' domains, then sent to the addressee (you) through a Yahoo server.  Those messages won't be blocked by using the line.  You can check this by reading the full headers when you receive the undesired email messages.