All the names/addresses in my groups are visible. I deselected the "show names" box in preferences, but whether or not it is checked, the first name/address appears with "29 others" visible with a click. I'm using a Mac desktop with the latest Operating System update installed (El Capitan - 10.11.5).  I want it to show only the group name like it used to.

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Hello @cacowgirl38.


Upon opening the Address Book on the web mail site, the default view is all contacts includings the groups you have set up.  At the top, you will notice there are links to filter the results you see in your address book.  On right most side, there is a Groups link to click on, once you click on that, it will filter out all the individual contacts in your list and only display the groups you have set up.  I have added screenshots below to show that, just click on 'Spoiler' to view those screenshots.


Full Address Book

Groups Only Address Book

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