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Learn how to delete an email address.

Accessing Spectrum Email

Sign in to Spectrum Email and you'll see 3 main tabs:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Settings

Email Tab

Email Tab
  1. Select Compose to write an email.
  2. Select the checkbox next to an email to reply, reply all, forward, mark, move, delete or print.
  3. Save an email as draft, add an attachment, format email, add a signature or read receipt, set priority or delete.
  4. Create and manage custom email folders.
  5. Search for emails by sender, recipient, Cc, Bcc or subject.
  6. Enter recipients in the To field or select To and add contacts from your address book.
  7. Add Cc or Bcc recipients.
  8. Access email support.
  9. Select any email to view it and/or drag and drop it to an email folder.

Contacts Tab

Contacts Tab
  1. Add a new contact.
  2. Select the checkbox next to a contact to email, move, share, print, sort or import/export contacts.
  3. Create and manage email groups.
  4. Search for contacts.
  5. Select any contact to expand the contact, and/or drag and drop a contact into a contact group.
  6. Print, edit, email or delete a contact.
  7. Expand to view additional contact information.

Settings Tab

Settings Tab

Account Section

Account section

Password Management Link

Access the Self Care platform to reset/change your password or to manage other account members.

Display Name

Name that appears on outgoing emails.

Email Forwarding

Forward email up to an additional 5 email addresses.

Reply-to Email Address

Deliver replies to emails using a different email address.

Language Preferences

Choose from English or Spanish.

Time Zone

Choose your time zone.

Email Storage

View the amount of space you've used. All email accounts receive 5GB of storage.

Emails Section

Set your preferences for writing and reading emails.

Emails section


Create a custom email signature.

Automatically Save Drafts

Select the toggle button to turn it on/off.

Emails Shown Per Page

Select how many emails you want shown per page in your inbox or folders.

Automatically Show Images in Emails

To display images in the emails you receive, select the toggle button to turn it on/off.

Show Emails in Plan Text (not HTML)

Select the toggle button to turn it on/off.

Automatically Refresh Current Folder

To refresh your folder for new emails, select the toggle button to turn it on/off.

Premanently Delete Emails

To permanently delete emails intead of sending them to your trash folder, select the toggle button to turn it on/off.

Automatic Response Section

Automatic response section

To send an automatic response when you're out of the office or unavailable to reply to emails:

  1. Select the toggle button to turn it on/off.
  2. Enter your message in the box.

Filters & Blocked Senders Section



To sort incoming emails into folders, select Create New Filter.

Blocked Senders

A domain is what comes after the @ symbol in an email address. Blocking a domain will block all emails sent from that domain.

Example: coupons@freestuff.com (freestuff.com is the domain).

To block email addresses or entire domains:

  1. Enter an Email Address or Domain in the box.
  2. Select Add.

Safe Senders

This prevents senders you know from being blocked.

To prevent email from senders you know from being marked as spam:

  1. Enter Email Address or Domain in the box.
  2. Select Add.


Spam is also known as junk email.

Choose how you want your email account to handle spam:

  • Deliver the email to inbox.
  • Prefix the email subject with the text "SPAM:" and deliver to inbox.
  • Place the email in the Spam folder.
  • Delete the email.