Emails to me blocked!

My friends are calling me to ask why I am blocking their emails!  I don't even know how to block an email.  Whats up with that?  No wonder I'm not hearing from them if you are not sending me their emails!  How do you fix that problem.  And whats up with the same group or company email going to my spam folder day after day when I click that it isn't spam.  Maybe I made a mistake switching to Time Warner!




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Wow, so glad you didn't think it was in your job decription to figure out my issue!  It figures!

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Re: Emails to me blocked!

Hello Rita,


TWC is now Spectrum and Spectrum no longer updates the Road Runner email service.  It is there for users grandfathered into that system.  Many of us on the forum recommend switching to a Webmail provider for email.  Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.com are all free, modern, regularily updated email systems that can be used on any device with a web connection and a web-browser.  Furthermore, With Gmail and Outlook.com, you get Google Drive with Online Storage.  Outlook.com will also give you OneDrive for storage, with Office Online, providing about nintey percent of the paid version features of Microsoft Office for free.


Personally, I would recommend Gmail, because you get more storage over Office Online.  Yahoo Mail is very good, with the most storage, but has no Office or online file storage counterpart.


You will need an ad-blocker (only one per browser to block the webmail banner ads.)  More than one will conflict.  I would go with a download of Ad Block Plus, if you don't already have an ad-blocker.  Than, you can get your email from any device for the rest of your life with a webmail account.


Cable providers, as well as Dish Providers, and U-Verse providers, were not designed to be e-mail providers.  Continuing with TWC email is a reliability risk and a security risk, because there is no more support updates for that service.  Spectrum does a good job with cable TV, Internet, and Phone,  However, you should switch to one of the free webmail accounts above for better reliability and security.




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