Emails not being deleted

My wife is deleting emails from her IPhone but they are not being deleted from webmail and now she has over 7,100 emails. She NEVER gets on a computer so how do we make them all go away at the same time?

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Re: Emails not being deleted



The emails on the webmail server will need to be deleted manually.  To prevent this in the future, ensure that the settings on the email client used on the iPhone are configured to POP3, and not to IMAP.  IMAP will leave emails on the original server and POP is a two way protocol that will delete the emails from the server when they are deleted from the email client on the iPhone.  If you still need assistance, please let us know.   You can also reach us on Social Media:


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


James M. 
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care


Re: Emails not being deleted

Hi James, I never knew this about the IMAP and pop.

I have been on the phone with spectrum support several times in the last two weeks, and nobody I talked to knew this either.

We have changed so many settings, and now I have so many new, extra folders, I am ready to pull my hair out.

I am also confused as to what the default setting are in webmail, as those have all been changed too.

Thanks, Kim


Re: Emails not being deleted

Took most of the day to delete thousands of emails that remain on the server. How can I change my email on my desktop to have these emails deleted once I have read them? This rediculous!