Email under different account

I created my main email account when I was still living with my parents on their time Warner account. I now have my own account and my parents are in the process of moving out of the state to an area where Spectrum would not be available. Will I still have access to the email account I setup on their account or could the address be able to be switched to my account?
Community Manager

Re: Email under different account



Email is a free service that is provided with current accounts.  Once your parents account is closed, email access will be restricted and then the associated email addresses will be purged.  To make any changes, an authorized account user from your parents account will need to go with you to a local Spectrum Store and complete email transfer paperwork.  This can be completed by fax or mail, but the form will need to be notarized.  Any changes need to be completed prior to disconnecting the old account.   Please note that the domain names for the old and new accounts also need to be the same. 


Please let us know if you have questions or need additional assistance.  You can also contact  us directly:


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