Email painfully slow to load and to delete

I access my mail through webmail.  It takes forever for emails to open and to delete. It is becoming very handicapping because I don't have much time during the day to check my email and it often doesn't open in the time I have, so I'm left having to tackle it all in the evening. This problem started the day the company switched from time warner format to spectrum format.  It shouldn't be a storage issue as it says I'm using 61 MB of 5 GB.  Has anyone else had this problem or is it specific to my account.  


Re: Email painfully slow to load and to delete

It is everybody. Spectrum isn't really providing email service anymore... at least not in the normal sense. They are just keeping the light on for legacy subscribers.

It is more like a subscription based game that went free to play after 15 years, dropped to 1500 users and is now on it's last leg at end of life and running on out of date hardware in a broom closet in the basement.

In other words, may be time to move on to another service.

Re: Email painfully slow to load and to delete

I agree with RAIST5150, it's a "keep-the-lights-on" mindset. Which is sad, as it could be so much more, given that the "free" services are not really free i.e. gmail, yahoo etc!!


Spectrum Web email is very very slow.  Also, I  think they've turned their spam filters off or something, as I'm getting a lot of spam in my inbox and absolutely nothing is making it into the junk folder. This started in mid Jan 2019, it was fine before then, i.e. still slow but no spam.