Email address and moving

I will be moving in with my mom, who subscribes to Time Warner.  If I discontinue my Time Warner services and use hers, will I still be able to use the same email account and address, or will I have to set up a new one?  Thank you.


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Re: Email address and moving

Yes, if the location your mother lives in has the same address type... ex:  @columbus.rr.com or @neo.rr.com, etc.


You can't transfer from one type to another (ex @columbus.rr.com to @neo.rr.com) but you can transfer from within.  You can either delete the email address from your account (if it's a subaccount), or contact tech support for assistance.  If your mother doesn't use any email accounts on her service, they can *usually* just transfer any and all of your email accounts over to her service.

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Re: Email address and moving

Yah, you'll need Tier 3 to open an ticket to have your email moved to her account as long as she doesn't have too many subaccounts for her current speed level. The level of her internet service determines the amount of email addresses she can have on her account, and the amount of storage allowed between them.

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