I sold my house and will not have a  new residence until March,  Why can I not be able save my email account.  I have had that email since Road Runner came to Killeen in the 1990's.  I was one of your first Internet customers, since I already had Time-Warner Cable TV.


  There are so many things I have tied to that address;  Microsoft Office, My desktop PC, the laptop I am using,  It cost me $149 to restore factory setttings since I could not log in to cmcginnis@hot.rr.com.


  My new residence will not be complete until the end of March 2019.  I will be overseas until that time.


  I do not mind paying to hold my e-mail.

Community Manager

Re: E'mail



Email is a free service that accompanies Internet service.  When services are discontinued, the email is discontinued as well.   You would need to either keep services active or transfer to a new account to keep email.  


For further assistance, we encourage you to contact support directly.


Please contact us at: