Does TCW/Spectrum read my emails?

So I was wondering if TWC scans and reads emails in our accounts like Google does with their accounts. Does anybody know?
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Re: Does TCW/Spectrum read my emails?



Here is a link to the residential Terms of Service.   This includes email TOS and I could not find any reference to scanning emails.  Hope this helps.  

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Re: Does TCW/Spectrum read my emails?

From what I read the Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policy, subscribers essentially have no rights as TWC/Spectrum own the accounts and mailboxes. To determine whether emails are non-compliant, it would appear that emails would have to be read by the provider. Also realize that unless you are sending your emails using a secure method (ex. TLS) all your information is being sent as clear text, readable by anyone. "Subscriber agrees that Spectrum owns any and all mailboxes associated with the Internet Service" "Subscriber agrees that Spectrum may block traffic to and from any source, including, without limitation, the deletion of any electronic mail, as it deems necessary to secure its network and/or eliminate spam. Spectrum may take other actions, in its sole discretion, to manage or protect its network or to benefit the greatest number of its subscribers as identified in Spectrum's AUP. Spectrum may take these actions, with or without notice, in situations where Spectrum believes, in its sole discretion that Subscriber may harm the Spectrum network or disrupt the performance of the Internet Service for other users or where Subscriber is transmitting or is otherwise connected with what Spectrum considers in its sole discretion to be spam or other malicious code or software."