Corrupted entries in my email filters

I have a fairly extensive email filter set up to redirect spam to a folder.  I do this because, at times. the filters snag emails that I want and this allows me to look at all of them before I delete them.  My problem is that, somehow, a couple of my filter entries got corrupted and they are blocking my ability to edit all of my entries because the edit tools are on the right side and, for whatever reason, the corruption doesn't allow the table entry to truncate the display.  I can get to the far right by expanding the window but the controls are not there.  I need to be able to edit/remove the corrupted entries or to have someone do it for me.  I imaginge if someone could move the edit controls to the left side of the table instead of the right, the contols wouldn't be overlaid.


If anyone has any ideas, or if someone at Spectrum can fix the issues that cause the corruption and/or move the edit controls I would appreciate it.


Re: Corrupted entries in my email filters

Here is what the corruption looks like: