Continued spam emails getting through

So for months and months now, since before the summer, I've begun getting spam emails makiing their way through to my email address.  I've been with Time Warner, now Spectrum, for nearly 20 years.  Yes, 20 years!


But that is about to change soon if this continues.  I wrote about 3 emails to Spectrum concerning this and each time I did end up having someone from Spectrum call me.  They said what has been told to other people; Use 'block', report the spam, blah blah.  None of that has worked, period.  I mean seriously, the subjects on many of these emails should NEVER make their way through a decent spam filter.  And the replacing of the letter o with zero's...  Those constantly get through as well.


They claimed by around this time they would be upgrading servers, computers and a bunhc of stuff to help with this.  Well, I don't know if they have but my patience has worn too thin.  If this isn't addressed soon I'm gone.  I pay too much for services to have this continue anymore.


It's a shame a company is willing to lose customers they've had for nearly 20 years because they can't address something like properly filtering spam emails.  Google does it VERY well with gmail, I never get any on my accounts there.  Learn from them or lose more customers, your choice Spectrum.

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Re: Continued spam emails getting through

Spectrum was never intended to be an email provider,


I would recommend, very strongly, any one of these outstanding and free web-mail providers with  better spam guard and security.  If you don't already have an Ad Blocker, get Ad Block Plus in each of your browsers.  (Just one Ad Blocker, uninstall the others as more than one will conflict.)


Than get Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or  Gmail and Outlook will give you a whole range of other online Office suites for free with a Google Account (Good Drive.) My first choice, or Microsoft One Drive with an account.  Yahoo has no Office Suite added, but is my email provider, and I love it.



Re: Continued spam emails getting through

Thanks for the reply Satch but if I'm going to go through the trouble of changing my email at a ton of various sites from my email address to my gmail address, I'm dumping Spectrum first and getting my internet/tv/phone from someone else.  They may not be a dedicated email provider but they certainly provide email and for some reason refuse to do what they need to do to address this and I find that unacceptable after being told numerous times since early 2017 that they are preparing to address this issue.


Re: Continued spam emails getting through

First of all, let me ask what email application are you using? There may be some things you can do with it. Second, I found that the only way I could rid myself of spam is to use an add on anti-virus/ email protection application. They cost money, in round numbers about $70, however all have something like a 30-day free download trial so you can monkey with them and see if they are worth it. They are made to work with almost all email applications. You don’t have to change your email address. I use Microsoft Office with Outlook as my email application. I also use an antivirus application add-on that filters all incoming email and based on its database which is updated frequently puts the phrase [SPAM] in the subject line and then moves it to my junk folder before it hits the inbox. It catches so far 99.5% of my spam. I then take the risk of setting Outlook to auto-archive but delete the folder contents after one day. Poof gone is the spam and I never see it. Your application may do the same. If not, you can periodically manually scan and empty your junk folder. We are not allowed however to shoot spammers.

Re: Continued spam emails getting through

My mail is delivered to multiple devices.  I receive it on my pc using outlook, which often because of scanners, add ons etc grabs the spam and filters it.  But I also have my iDevices (iPhone, iPad) set up to receive my email as for 20 years it has been my 'primary' email for important things and up until the beginning of this year it has never been a problem.  


So, while I can deal with it in outlook to a degree (they STILL should not even allow these emails with the subject lines they contain through IMO) my iDevices always just grab what RoadRunner allows through and this for me is quite the issue.


In the end, I appreciate info and possible ways of aiding in preventing it and such, but Spectrum needs to step up and see they have a problem here that needs to be addressed.  The fact that they will not reply here concerning this and the fact that they have provided me lip service on two phone calls at this point is enough for me to look elsewhere for my tv/internet/phone.  To each their own, but if I need to change my email address to correct this and go through the trouble of changing it in more places than I can think of I'm going to take my money elsewhere.


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I understand completely. And am also put-out with Spectrum / TWC myself for these and other reason. I use ESET Smart Security for my firewall and anti-virus addon. As it pre-filters the email before it gets to the inbox. I also have iPad and iPhone devices which sync with them over Exchange Server. As the SPAM goes to Junk before it hits the INBOX when devices sync they don’t see it in inbox because that change occurs when outlook syncs with the WEB site … at least I think that is how it works. Bottom line is I don’t see it on devices either. Slightly off topic is that I now use for my server and forward all email from there because of this and other reliability issues with Spectrum.


Good Luck


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I know right? I mean how many times do you hit the "report spam" button only to have it continue to invade your space especially if you use the rr webmail. I mean why even have the button at all? That is something I have mentioned to both TWC and Spectrum over and over again. Then I found a little trick that IS helping and doesn't require getting another program  or app. If you put a check mark in the boxes of all the the spam,s that get through to your inbox,  then you can double click  (the only way I know to do it)  the report spam button quickly, another anti spam message comes up with a little box that says, "do not allow site to send email" or something to that effect. So far, it has cut my spam mail by about 50%. The only problem have with that is on occasion I don't double click quickly enough and a message comes up saying that it's already been deleted (reported) and is no longer in the box. I swear if I had children at home who use email per the rr online mail, I would not allow them to use it anymore as the subject lines are horrible! If I can perfect a way to get that particular message without having to be lightening fast, I will post. Best of luck. Sure wish that you could still get Outlook Express on Windows 10, but I can't get that to work. Oh well, such is our lot I guess. Be well and hope you get some relief from the constant surge of spam that simply comes anyway even if you block certain words, domains, email addresses and what-have-you. Smiles, JJ