Changing the Administrator email?

Does anyone know how to change the administering email account? After getting hacked yet again and having email forwarded yet again - and having to work with Customer Service yet again to get access to my email account - they "fixed" my current issue but now my sons email account is the administrating email and mine is a sub account - I'd like to reassign administration back to me. Anyone know if this can be done?
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Re: Changing the Administrator email?



Solve all your email problems by no longer using Spectrum email.  Switch to a free web-based email provider such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or where it will be always be up to date,and accessible to you from any computer.  See my comments in the thread below for details:




Re: Changing the Administrator email?

But that's not the answer to the question.


You have to contact customer service to change the administrator email on the account.