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Re: Issues with an IMAP account

Your Spectrum.net Login may or may not be your email and password. They are not always, that depends on how you set that up.


Changing your password for your Spectrum.net will not change your password for your email. 


For direct support you can reach us at 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum

1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328)




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Re: Issues with an IMAP account

Seriously?  So I changed my "new password" on my phone settings and now my phone is working at least. This is the same password that I was given when I changed my password from webmail.spectrum.net. 
Now for some strange reason, I cannot SEND email from Webmail anymore. Getting the same silly error that says ERROR: Blocked AUP#CMBL. Now that was the same or similar error I was getting with Thunderbird. These problems have to be related.

I talked with an entry level "representative" on the phone today for over an hour. I kept asking to elevate this to the next level. She tried many silly things to no avail. However, she was successful at logging into my email from her machine and was able to send an email.

So, she said it must be my Toshiba - goodbye. She never figured out what this Blocked message means, as that is the key into what is happening. Do you still think this all may be a password issue?