Can't send email from roadrunner address through gmail

I'll just add my complaint to the pile. This started for me 10/9/17. I have always been able to send with my roadrunner address in gmail. I can still receive roadrunner emails in gmail but can't send. I tried changing the settings in gmail but I get rejected. I can log directly into my roadrunner account on the spectrum page.



Re: Can't send email from roadrunner address through gmail

Good morning.


What options had you selected. I was able to do this using a test account.



If you delete the account first then select "Send Mail As" then Add another email


You can alter where it says name to whatever you like

Email address needs the entire address. Example

Leave Treat as an Alias checked then click Next Step


SMTP is :       Port 587


Password: webmail password

leave checked secured connection using TLS

leave unchecked SSL

then click Add account.


It will send a email to the one you are adding with a confirmation code.

Type that in and click verify


You can change your default email to your TWC address if you like or leave

the default as Gmail. You can also decide if you want your replys to come from

the address they sent to, Gmail for Gmail and TWC for TWC  or all from the same.


For mine when I am composing my email I use the drop down to select what

address I am sending from.  I have 3 emails in my Gmail set up. I just have to

remember to change it to the one I want to send from.


Hope this helps.


Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
Lead Moderator-Community Forums