Can't access rr webmail when using Cox internet

I've spent hours trying to figure this one out.  We're NY snowbirds spending time in FL.  The condo we're renting has Cox internet.  I can access web pages with no problem, but when I go to or it says page can't be displayed.   However, if I use my Verizon phone data, I can access the webmail.  I spoke with Spectrum this a.m. and he said Cox must be blocking Spectrum's email.  I called Cox and she said they don't block webpages. 

I don't want to be using my phone's data for email for obvious reasons. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this or am I just out of luck?  Thanks.

Community Manager

Re: Can't access rr webmail when using Cox internet



We apologize for any service issues.  Please try clearing the browsing history and cookies.   If that does not resolve the issue, please try using an alternate browser.  You may also try using a third party web service, such as mail2web.  



 If the issue persists, please contact support directly for further assistance.  


Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care