Can't access email on Wi-Fi overseas

This is the 2nd time in the past 3 months that I am without email overseas. None of the TWC or Spectrum log in sites will allow me to access. Had been with TWC for many years of overseas travel. This is something new since Spectrum took over. I thought they fixed it for me when I was home and between continents. But it is not fixed at all. Spectrum must be aware that their product is not working worldwide as other providers offer. Looks like I'll have to change providers upon my return to the USA. Huge problem not being addressed by Spectrum.

Re: Can't access email on Wi-Fi overseas

What country?

Some are monitored/ blocked by the NSA supposedly and Spectrum won't give them access due to the hassles, they simply block the connection.




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Re: Can't access email on Wi-Fi overseas

@MsRaye is correct. Not all connections are created or treated equally. TWC email and Spectrum Email have not supported out of the country for half a decade or more.


In some locations you will have access in some you may not.  Many users find that 3rd party email services are successful for instance Mail2web.com   That being said, if you do use

one, know that this is at your own risk.  


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Re: Can't access email on Wi-Fi overseas

Spain?  i cannot access the email servers from Barcelona.

None of them respond 





but it will let me login to pay my bill!