Deleting Emails

After pressing "Delete" in an email is there a way to stop seeing the message ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THIS?

Yes, I am speaking out a lot today as I am really frustrated with Spectrum.Smiley Very Happy


Re: Not happy with the new webmail interface

I also dislike it. Area to read email is to small. Whole thing is slower. Hard to get rid of previews and read emails. Was/is much easier to use on older roadrunner format which is more user friendly. New webmail format is a SUPERIMPOSED ON IT'SELF, VISUAL NIGHTMARE.  I refuse to use it and continue to use the old roadrunner version. I have migrated copies of my contacts and saved messages elsewhere just in case this format,  in current configuration,  is forced upon us. I will be leaving if that happens and giving up spectrum all together...only have them for internet now any way...would gladly pay someone else more for better service any way......customer service continues to suck as it always has also.

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Re: Not happy with the new webmail interface

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I agree, they certainly didn't do enough testing on this.  I have the same issue with deleting or moving emails.  If I put a check mark in a few emails and then click delete or move and answer yes it goes back to the main email list but it is not really done deleting or moving the emails yet.  If I click on another email it will delete or move that one too.  The other problem I have is when I try to look at an email the preview comes up blank about 90% of the time.  I have always show images checked and have switched back and forth between HTML and text but it doesn't matter.  You need to go back to the old interface.  It was very slow but at least it only had 1 problem.

The User Forum has no quick fix for the ultra-slow email move or delete situation, but to fix the slow loading you need to UNCHECK the ALWAYS SHOW IMAGES feature. Then load each image file separately, after the text is displayed on your screen.


The old RoadRunner email system is poorly maintained and costly to operate.  The next crash may be non-recoverable., so read the handwriting on the wall.  For your long-term fix, open a free email account with  an external reputable email provider like Outlook, Yahoo, or Google.  Then forward all the stuff you have stored on RoadRunner to that new service provider while you still can.  


Re: Can't Send Thunderbird Email with VPN Connected

Guys, nice job of hijacking the OPs original question, which has NOTHING to do with Spectrum's web interface.


Try specifying your name/password on the outgoing SMTP configuration.

Without that, all Spectrum will see is the IP that the mail is from, and if that IP isn't part of Spectrum's network then it won't accept it, otherwise anyone could use their server as an open mail relay.