Can not send email, need an updated certificate.

My email does not send. I get mail certificate expired message. What do I do?
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Re: Can not send email, need an updated certificate.



Based on your registration information, there is no active account with an email from the domain.  Email is a free service that requires an active account.  If the email was associated with an account that has been closed, the email will remain active for approximately 30 days after the account is closed, then the email will be purged.  Once the email is purged, it cannot be retrieved. 


If this does not answer your question, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


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Re: Can not send email, need an updated certificate.

This problem might be similar to mine:


The Outlook app on my Android tablet cannot function with TWC mail due to "an invalid certificate." Research into my problem revealed that Microsoft increased the security level of the "sockets" used by the Outlook app and TWC/Spectrum has refused to upgrade their server to the higher security level. Thus, the invalid certificate message -- the certificates involved are security-related.


James_M, Is this still the problem as to why an an already-established RR email account does not work in the Outllok app?  I have posted my complaint/concern about this issue over one month ago in this forum and never did receive a reply, explanation, information, acknowledgement, etc!

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Re: Can not send email, need an updated certificate.

Good morning.


 Are you able to login at the wemail portal 


If you would like us to see if your email address is on the account and is active you can contact our Social Media Customer Care Team at


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum



Please include your account number, verification of your service address and the 

email address in question. 

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