Can Receive, But Can't Send Emails

I'm using Thunderbird for my emails and having trouble sending emails.  I can receive fine, but when I try to send, it keeps timing out.  My outgoing settings are as follows:


Server: mail.twc.com

Port: 587

Security: SSL/TSL

Authentification: Normal Password

User Name = Email Address


Have these settings changed?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Re: Can Receive, But Can't Send Emails

I use STARTTLS, instead of SSL/TLS, which works fine.  And by running a trace I could see that the mails were being sent encrypted.


And if you're on a machine that is on the Spectrum network, it also works without authentication.




Re: Can Receive, But Can't Send Emails

That worked.  Thank you for the help!