Bug: Advanced Search "exact phrase" doesn't work correctly

In Advanced Search > Search Modifiers says:

'Use quotes to search for an "exact phrase".'
That is not true. Specific example:
"plus address"
searches as though I had submitted:
and returns hits for "plus" OR "address" -- about a million hits.
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Re: Bug: Advanced Search "exact phrase" doesn't work correctly



Road Runner email is now about fifteen years old.  Cable providers were never intended to be email providers, so work on the email system for them as very, very low on the priority list.


Get yourself a web-based email client, along with one ad blocker per browser.  More than one will conflict.  Get Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or  Way better storage.  Office suite integration and collaboration in real time with ( One Drive) and Gmail (Google Drive.)  You can't get that from Road Runner.


You will get much better spam protection and security.  Best of all, it will work on any Internet or mobile device with a web browser.  Using web-mail, you won't have to worry about losing your email if you move or switch ISP's.