Blocked senders and domains feature does not work on TMC email

I don't use my RR mail anymore due to very poor serice and performance, but I periodlically check the account.  For some reason recently I am starting to get 20-30 spam messages per day to this account.  I have added all of the domains to the blocked senders list but nothing is ever blocked, the spam keeps coming from the same domains.

Is there any thing I can do to kill this.  This is coming to my main account email, and I cannot find any infor to change the primary email address for my TMC account.




Re: Blocked senders and domains feature does not work on TMC email

Bob, I have had the same problems with the old TWC email program. Blocked addressed get through, and when you try to block them again, they tell you you can't block this address because it's already blocked. There is also a limit of 50 addresses that can be blocked. Shouldn't it be my choice how many addresses I block? Reporting SPAM appears to do no good at all. I've talked to several technical representatives about this. Not one can answer the real questions. I haven't yet found a way to contact anyone "higher up" to talk to about these issues. Spectrum must have a better email program they could plug in for us. With all the money they are spending on Spectrum commercial, about how much they value the customers, how they work so hard for us.... is it too much to ask that we get a decent email system? Does anyone from Spectrum ever look at these messages?

Re: Blocked senders and domains feature does not work on TMC email

It seems to me they do read our posts but convientantly reply to the ones they want to, or the easy ones.  They provide lip service over the phone that they're looking into this and that they are upgrading their systems which should help with this, but I was told all this months and months ago and still, obvious spam emails make their way through.  


Seriously, if an email that has a "From" name of "Cannibus Gummies" or "Hard Erection" makes its way through their system and gets delivered to me, there is a serious problem on their end and it needs to be addressed.


Since I recevied no reply on here concerning my issues (and others with similar issues have also been provided no useful information in the past) and nothing has changed since I have had multiple phone calls with people from Spectrum since the beginning of this year, I am currently in the process of looking into other phone/tv/internet providers, what their costs are, what they provide etc etc and will soon be leaving Spectrum after being a TWC customer for something like 17-18 years.


Oh, and as someone mentioned in another thread, don't report spam emails as spam even though Spectrum says to do so.  All that does is 'alert' the spammers in some tech way I cannot explain that the email reached its source and is a valid email and they'll keep sending more.  Best to just delete them for now and don't read them, forward them, report them etc etc.