Pulse Dialing Possible?


I have an old vintage rotary phone. I was told that it would work on a phone system if "pulse service" is availble. Is it possible to use a rotary phone with spectirum? Do I need a adapter?


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Re: Pulse Dialing Possible?



Thanks for the question!  Pulse dialing or analog phone service is also known as POTS (Plain-Old-Telephone-Service).   Spectrum only offers digital phone service and it is not compatible with rotary phones. 


You would need to get service from a POTS provider to have a working rotary phone.  Older homes may already have the wiring needed, otherwise you may be looking at some installation fees in addition to the monthly charge.   Aside from the nostalgia, one other advantage is that POTS lines work during power outages without a back up power source.   


Hope this answers your question.  Let us know if we can assist with anything else.