No dial tone

I live in NE Ohio.  I currently have Spectrum voice service.  We had vinyl siding installed last week.  When it was done I noticed that we had no phone service upstairs.  Phone service was still available on the first floor and in the basement.  A few days later there was a tornado warning and a bit of heavy rain.  Pursuant to that, we no longer have phone service at all in the house via the 'old' phone system. 


If I plug a phone direclty into the modem then I can get service.  However, none of the phone jacks are working.  Spectrum came out today and told me the issue must be with the lines in the house.  Unfortunately, they don't offer any inside wire service.   The tech told me I'd have to contact the phone company to take care of this.


I did mention the new siding to the tech.  It appears that the hammering when the new siding was installed could have caused a problem with the inside wiring.  He told me that if one phone wire goes bad it could affect the whole house.


We have the original phone NID from Windstream attached to the back of the house.  Next to that is one from Time Warner (prior to becoming Spectrum).  There is a grey wire that comes from outside into the basement.  The wire plugs into what looks like a phone jack attached to the wall.  This was installed by Time Warner.  A wire from there ran to the modem and another wire ran from it to a phone nearby.  It is my understanding that this grey wire, when plugged into the jack, and then to the modem provided service to the whole house. 

Here is a pic:

Jack added by Time Warner/SpectrumJack added by Time Warner/Spectrum

The grey wire on the bottom is the one that comes in from outside.  There are two 'plugs' at the top.  The wire on the left would go to the modem.  The one on the right is used for a phone nearby. 


I apologize for any confusion to this point.  Here's my question:


If I plug a phone into the NID from Windstream should I hear a dial tone if things are working okay?  I ask because there seems to be a 'connection' between the Windtream NID and that of Time Warner. 


Look, I understand it's a lot easier to simply plug directly into the modem and just use it.  However, that is not ideal given my situation.  I'd appreciate any feedback that can be offered.  Thank you.



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Re: No dial tone

If your contractors actually shorted out a phone lne when they installed the siding, you could elect to take the issue up with them.  Almost all phone companies (POTS or VOIP) rarely offer home wiring maintenance with their normal monthly charges.  If they do offer a home wiring plan, it's typically expensive and not worth the expense.


To that end, you will need to disconnect the "bad actor" from the rest of your home's telephone wiring in order to salvage the rest.


Do you know where your phone-line juntions are made to each jack in the house?  Do you know how each jack is wired?  You can troubleshoot by starting from the cable modem,  and working your way out from there, by connecting one phone line at a time.  (This assumes you know where all the phone lines in your home run to, and you can disconnect them all from the punch-block or other terminal strip type device.  When the service drops, then you know which wire needs to be replaced, and you can use the rest.