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How to Report A Call To Nomorobo-Tips



Spectrum provides an Opt-in feature in its "Peace and Quiet" settings at the "My Account" Home Phone Page, which allows users to activate "Nomorobo." When turned on, (along with Answer Anywhere) Nomorobo will drop telemarketer calls after the first ring.  The calls will show on your Caller ID on TV prompt, but the Robocall, Telemarketer, or Spammer can't leave a message.  99.% of the time it works great!


However, if the caller is able in the extremely rare cases to leave a message, you can REPORT that number to Nomorrobo.  This is known as "Blacklisting" the number:


To Report a Number to Nomorrobo that is not being blocked. (Blacklist)


1.) Log in to (You will to sign up with a user name and password first to enter the site.)


2.) Select the "Report a Number" Option.


3.) You want the option that says a number is not being blocked correctly.


4.) Enter the information in the data fields about the phone number and type of call that you think it was as best you can.  You can also leave optional comments about the number.


5.) Click on Submit, and the Nomorrobo staff will review the number.


To Report a Number that Shouldn't Be Blocked. (Whitelist)


1.) Repeat the above steps, when you get to number three, select the option that says, Nomorrobo should not be blocking this number.


2.) Enter the number in the data fields and any optional comments that they may provide to you about the number.


3.) Click submit for Nomorobo  to review the number.