routing issues

My Honeywell thermostat keeps loosing connection with

I can connect to from a Sprint Phone and a T-Mobile phone, but not from my home network.  

Maybe competion being blocked? Next thing you know access to Ring will get blocked.

There seem to have been an awful lot of routing issues lately.


Re: routing issues

I assume you tried resetting cookies and DNS cache already... if so;

Welcome to the internet without net neutrality... this is only a taste of things to come...

 Yeah it's blocked, good luck getting it fixed, contact the manufacturer...



Re: routing issues

I just tried connecting to and I was able too. Im still on TWC plan, not a Spectrum plan.

Was there an update recently pushed to your Honeywell that could be affecting it?

Did you try resetting the Honeywell and your router and connecting after that?

Proven Sharer

Re: routing issues

Just verified for you that is reachable from a legacy TWC connection in Ohio.  You have to log in to this Honeywell site using your registered email adddress and Total Connect Comfort account password.  Be sure you are using the TWC DNS servers located at and 62 so data routes correctly between your CMTS node and TWC's national IXP locations.