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reCAPTCHA Problems - Want to reset/change my ip address

For many months I have been having problems filling out online forms that use the reCAPTCHA app to protect against scammers.  It has gotten so bad that I am not able to complete even one form online if the web site is using reCAPTCHA.  As mentioned, this has been going on for many months, ans is prohibiting me from doing my work.


I have hundreds of online friends with the same or similar problems.  Today, one of my online friends got his problem resolved when he got his cable company to reset/change his ip address.


I am renting my modem from Spectrum, and have a Linksys router.


Is there a way for me to release my ip address and obtain another one...something I can do myself?


Re: reCAPTCHA Problems - Want to reset/change my ip address

Hit and miss, but you could try resetting the modem to defaults. Sometimes you can get lucky when it pulls the new config from the head end.

Otherwise, would likely need Admin intervention, as it is a persistent connection... basically the lease continually auto-renews with the same IP until it detects a new MAC or someone manually forces a change from their end. Unless of course you were in need of a modem swap...

You may want to try a free VPN service as a test case though before going too far down the rabbit hole... just to rule out if it is in fact your public IP address causing the issue and not upstream routing or something bound more to your devices.