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primary network disabled and grayed out

I bought an Ubee DVW32CB router to use with my service so that I didn't have to pay for WIFI. Upon initially hooking up the router all of the lights came on eventually except the "online" light. I did not have interenet on my computer which was hardlined into the router. I called Spectrum to give them the mac address for the new router as i remember being told in the past if I got a new router I would have to do. After I gave the Tech the router info he got the internet working but the lights for the 2.4g and 5g went off after the router rebooted and came on with internet. I didnt think much of it when I was on the phone with the tech that got the internet going ( i wish i would have). Now the router will not let me use WIFI at all. I got into the interface and found that the primary network was disabled and it would not let me enable it (grayed out ). I found that if I disconnent the coaxel cable from the back then I am allowed to enable the primary network, in fact i believe it would do it on its own. This make me believe that something has been incorrectly entered for my account info on TWC end since i am only not allowed to use WIFI when the router is recieving a signal through the coax cable. PLease help


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P.S. I found where someone had a similiar problem and someone told them :

"You need to call in and have the rep add the wireless billing code to your account it should be billed at $0.00 a month once they do that and send a hit a reboot should fix it. You might need to redo the wireless one last time."

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Re: primary network disabled and grayed out

Should have came here first...


You purchased an all-in-one.  Many prefer to keep the cable modem and the router as separate items.  You can take the "free" cable modem from Specrtum, then buy your own wireless router.  It allows for greater flexibility, more freedom, and should your modem crap the bed, you can simply swap it out and you won't have to reconfigure your home LAN/Wi-Fi.  I am sure the cost of a router is much less than the cost of a combo-unit.


At both my homes I use separate equipment.  


Re: primary network disabled and grayed out

Yep...return the combo unit and get a separate modem and router.

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Re: primary network disabled and grayed out

Thank you for the reply.

I have come to agree and in the future I will buy seperate equipment. I dont feel right taking this router back if there isn't anything wrong with it though. I would like to get this one to work. If you know what the solution is that would be great. Thank you.


I still have the original "free" router that Spectrum gave me. I saw there being an option to to change the Operation Mode. One of the options in the list was "router mode". If i changed the operational mode to router mode would that make it so i could use the original Spectrum device as the modem and use the Ubee that I bought for the WIFI? Basically I am asking whether or not I can turn the modem function off on the Ubee and use it just as a wireless router?

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Re: primary network disabled and grayed out

While you can have your "free" Spectrum Ubee all-in-one set to "bridge" mode (where it acts like a modem only; only one LAN port will function), I do not know if you can turn the one you bought from an all-in-one into a wireless router w/o being a modem, too.


What does the manual (that came with the all-in-one you bought) say on the subject?


My guess would be that if you cannot find an option to configure it differently via its web interface, it will not function as a router only.


Re: primary network disabled and grayed out

It may seem to have your own separate router alongside the TWC Spectrum-issued Cable Modem/Router Gateway Device. This setup would use Wi-Fi feature on own separate router without extra monthly fee (usually $5) as well as its features (such as USB storage for LAN network share if your own router has it).


To use this setup, first connect your PC ethernet cable directly to Spectrum-Issued Gateway Device. Once connected, go to the gateway web page settings (check the label on the device for that information) and login. From there, Disable Wi-Fi and configure for Bridge Mode (search online for more info on this, some scenarios disable DHCP on Spectrum-issued one).  Once done, connect your own router to Spectrum-Issued Gateway (now modem only-bridge mode) via ethernet cable. Configure your own router with accessing web page settings and login (again, check the label for that separate information). From there, configure your Wi-Fi settings (SSID name, password, etc.) and other router settings as necessary. There you have a completed setup with no Wi-Fi monthly fee using your own router.