internet issues not fixed for months.

My family has been a long time customers with Specturm for 10 years or more. I have my own house now and have been with spectrum for 2 plus years. When I lived with my family we  never had internet problems like I am having now with Spectrum. I was on the 400 Mbps package but I downgraded because of this issue with the internet. Im not paying the extra money for a service that doesn't work. We have been having intenet issues since April or May.  We have had five different techs come out and none of them have been able to fix it.
The first tech have replaced cable to outside box.
The second tech ran a new cable from the box to the pole. He did say that the cable he replaced was really old.
The third tech just registered my modem because it never got registered. 
The fourth tech gave me a new modem.
Th fifth tech the last one didn't even do anything except test the cables at the modem and the box. He said he was turning it in to Main line tech to fix.
So it gets to the point where the signal quality through out the day was bad that it wasn't really usable. I ended up buying my own modem and route because that was the only thing left on my end to do.  It had seem to fix the problem mostly but the issues were still there.  In the evening between 6:30pm and 9:30pm is when it starts messing up the most.It has been doing this since April or May. It will go up and down multiple times. Then eventually it will go down for a few minutes. After it comes back up it is completely fine and works like it should without issues. 
The last person i just got off the phone with litterally just tried to tell me that it is my routers problem. I asked him how was it my brand new router fault when it was been happening for 5 months and I just bought the router about 2 weeks ago. All he said that there isn't any problems on spectrums side or in my modem.  He was about the most useless person I have talked to. He was really arrogant about it. 


Re: internet issues not fixed for months.

People will need to see some specifics about your environment to help out. It sounds like your signal quality may be just on the edge of usability, and it starts falling off under harsher conditions and/or usage levels. There is a sticky about what to provide. Ideally, get a signal snapshot under both good and bad conditions for comparison:
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Re: internet issues not fixed for months.

You might insist they do a signal analysis at the TAP....maybe it has gone bad.....


Re: internet issues not fixed for months.

1. Mount Gilead, NC 27306

2. Internet only

3. Arris Surfboard SB6190 (3 weeks old)

4. Razer Silas Router (3 weeks old)

5.  9.1.93V

6. Yes, shows that it is connected.

7.  Ping 32, Download, 118.19 Mbps, Upload 10.32, did not show the jitter.

I pay for 200Mbps down and 10Mbs up


8. Internet pages won't load, game connection quality is bad and sometimes disconnects.

9. Capture.PNGCapture2.PNGCapture3.PNG


10. Cable from pole is a rg11,  cable in house rg6 both a about 2 months old. No splitters direct to the modem.



11. Modem to router cat6 cable. Router to desktops are both cat6.

12. There was bucket trucks working on the lines up the street from my house. They stopped at the pole before mine as far as I know. I never saw them working on my pole.

13. Capture4.PNG


14. The connections issues happen streaming, gaming, and even just browsing the internet. I can be on my hardwired desktop and it will still have issues. It can be the only device on the network too.

15. No, I don't have any back ups set for anything. I also don't download torrents.

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Re: internet issues not fixed for months.

At first glance, it appears that your incoming signal levels are a bit high, just about the amount of a 2-way splitter loss.  If any of the techs bypassed the splitter that is in your connection housing during an earlier trip, they just wasted time because the incoming level was correct to begin with. 

Far more critical are the several error messages that begin with "RCS Partial Service"  Those mean the modem is losing signal on one or more, but NOT all of the 24 channels assigned to your modem connection.  Equally critical are the several error messages "SYNC Timing Synchronization Failure-Loss of Sync"  The combination of both messages occuring together flags the trouble as a plant and equipment maintenance problem, not a user drop or modem problem. 

The upside is that you can return both the router and modem you purchased, since they aren't going to fix to this complaint.  Use the gateway that Spectrum provides free as part of your internet servicein their equipment, unless you need some extra router or WiFi features not available in the Spectrum unit.

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Re: internet issues not fixed for months.

First post, sorry to rez the thread.


I too started experiencing random outages/dropped packets about 2 months ago. We had an extended outage for 7 or 8 hours one sunday morning, and the connection issues have been happening since then. We had a rock solid connection before that outage.


I have had a tech out, whom of course tested and said everything was within spec. He did say that there was water in the drop to my neighbors house, but that should cause him to have issues. The neighbor is not very tech savy, and said he hasn't noticed any problems. He has tv and internet.


I have new RG11 from the pole to the box. New RG6 directly to modem, no splitters at all.


Modem is a Motorola MB8600, software ver. 8600-18.2.12

Router is Asus RT-AC88U on Merlin ver. 384.13


I pay for 100Mb service, usually get around 120 d/s, 12u/s according to various speed tests when service is working properly. When its not, and I have been able to run the speed test only once when the service has been intermittent, I got 25Mb d/s and .8 u/s at that time. But I normally am not able to test when the service drops, as it is very random and I am at work duuring most times.


I have a rediculous amount of packet loss, and it has/does affect our streaming tv according to my Wife. Pixelation, dropped sound, long load times etc.


I also spoke to Motorola support, and got ahold of a guy who seemed to know his stuff. He said that my u/s power was too low for the modem, and told me to ask Spectrum to up it to above 40.0 dBmV. I did make that request of Spectrum and was told there was NO way to do that from their end. So Motorola will not deal with me further until I can show them that those power levels are raised to their spec.


I suspect that my problems are due to a network problem, and not my equipment. I would really like to know what happened on that sunday morning we were out for 7 or 8 hours. Things went south after that catalyst, with no resolution in sight. Getting tossed back and forth between Spectrum and Motorola, with neither party helping much at this point. Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Please do not include the errors on Aug 16th, as that is when the Spectrum Tech was here last. Also, according to the Motorola Tech, the OFDM errors are not valid either. Something about a bug in the software or something.