intermittent internet drops

had a bunch of t3 timeouts, was told to get a new modem to fix it, got a new modem and the internet still cuts out randomly

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Re: intermittent internet drops

If you know how to access and read your signals levels compare yours to this post:


If you don't know how to read your signals levels, copy and paste -post your signals levels here for analysis.

To access your modem/router gateway web-based gui, its usually at, or etc.... 

You may need to enter a username and password, this should be on a sticker on your modem for the defaults.

What is your modem model number and name. Is it provided by Spectrum or do you own it?

Do you have any external or internal splitters? Is your drop line(the line/cable from the telephone pole) to your house an "air"drop or is it buried in the ground?

Is the cable connector securely attached to your modem? ie not loose?

If you can answer all of these questions it will help with the analysis and diagnosing of your problem. 

Who told you to get a new modem?




Re: intermittent internet drops


   Startup Sequence  
   Startup StepStatusComment

   Acquire Downstream Channel669000000 HzLocked
   Upstream ConnectionOKOperational
   Boot StateOKOperational


   Connection Status  
   System Up Time15 days 08h:14m:13s 
   Network AccessAllowed 

   Downstream Bonded Channels 
   ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFreq. (MHz)Pwr (dBmV)SNR (dB)CorrectedUncorrected
Total      46109047773

   Upstream Bonded Channels 
   ChannelLock StatusChannel TypeChannel IDSymb. Rate (Ksym/sec)Freq. (MHz)Pwr (dBmV)

 Motorola MB7420 modem I bought for myself.
No splitters I think the cable is coming from the telephone pole
all the cables are connected tight

I posted here about this problem a while back and I had a 4x4 modem and t3 timeouts and the response was that the modem couldn't handle the connection. but now with this new modem i stil get the same internet drops they cut out randomly throughout the day for about 15 seconds, or sometimes the whole modem will stop working for 1-3 minutes then comes back online.

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Re: intermittent internet drops

well lets see... your DownStream signals  look ok . Your upstream levels look ok.  You have alot of Corrected/Uncorrected on your signals which tells me something is up?  Take a look at this previous thread:


You can "break open" your NID(Or call Spectrum and let them do it and test the connection) which probably has no more than a ground block with an input connection and an ouput connection.  If you don't have compression  f- fittings, just the old f-connectors, then it may be a humidity/moisture  ingress problem.   I'm not absolutely sure that  high uncorrected errors will cause T3's but I had a situation where I was getting T3's and had high uncorrected errors and the Spectrum Field Tech ran me a new drop line from the tap to the NID....the cable from the NID then ran straight thru a hole in the wall he drilled with no wallplate and a direct connection to the modem. I would make an educated guess that if you are still getting the same T3's after changing out the modem, then its a tap or  line drop problem.  Call Spectrum  for a service call.  Explain you have chnaged modem with the same problems.... print out your modem logs and signals page .  hth