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intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

hi everyone,


I currently own my own modem, its a Motorola MG7550.

I have even purchased 3 other kinds of modems from amazon( hoping that was my problem) it still happenend so i returned those to amazon.


I only have internet 100 meg service, no phone or TV and am in Niles, Oh 44446


So, the internet drops.......

i have had this problem for about 3 months and 6 visits later it is still a daily issue of dropping the connection.

the last visit was from a QC manager and a supervisor, this is when they ran a new line from the pole to my house and also a new line from outside the house directly to my modem.


I was told that if they come out again for this issue, they will be charging me $50.00 for a service call.....


It is still occuring, i don't know what to do next.


here are my logs for connection, and also for the event log.


i noticed in the event log, that when i drop it always shows the same errors, any correllation ?

Spectrum will not even look at my log when i try and show them, they say i own it, nothing they can do.

Should i purchase their modem with wifi for a couple of months ?


when i notice the outage, my tv tells me no internt connection as well as my printer.


I can look at the modem and all the lights will be out except the power, almost like a mini reboot..........


thank you



 eRouter Provisioning Mode Bridge eRoute_IPv4only eRoute_IPv6only eRoute_DualMode  


   Startup Sequence  
   Startup StepStatusComment

   Acquire Downstream Channel741000000 HzLocked
   Upstream ConnectionOKOperational
   Boot StateOKOperational


   Connection Status  
   System Up Time0 days 23h:25m:32s 
   Network AccessAllowed 

   Downstream Bonded Channels 
   ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFreq. (MHz)Pwr (dBmV)SNR (dB)CorrectedUncorrected
Total      00

   Upstream Bonded Channels 
   ChannelLock StatusChannel TypeChannel IDSymb. Rate (Ksym/sec)Freq. (MHz)Pwr (dBmV)


Event Log
 Time  Priority  Description 
 Time Not Established  Critical (3)  No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=00:40:36:5... 
 Time Not Established  Notice (6)  Overriding MDD IP initialization parameters; IP provisioning... 
 Mon Mar 04 20:15:12 2019   Error (4)  Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.8;CM-MAC=00:40... 
 Mon Mar 04 20:15:12 2019   Error (4)  Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.9;CM-MAC=00:40... 
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Re: intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

and it dropped again Back to Basic Page Status Basic Router Advanced Router Wireless Protection & Parental Control VPN Software Connection Diagnostics Security Event Log Event Log Log Time Priority Description Time Not Established Critical (3) No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=00:40:36:5... Time Not Established Notice (6) Overriding MDD IP initialization parameters; IP provisioning... Tue Mar 05 19:44:06 2019 Error (4) Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.8;CM-MAC=00:40... Tue Mar 05 19:44:06 2019 Error (4) Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.9;CM-MAC=00:40...

Re: intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

The connection drops occur on wired devices or on wifi? Direct connect to the modem via ethernet to see if the drops still occur to rule out wifi issues.


Use their modem until the issue is fixed. As long as you are using your own modem they will assume the problem is with your this is not a modem issue so it will do you no good to keep throwing new modems from Amazon at the problem.


If everything from your modem all the way back to the pole has been replaced (correctly), then there could be damaged cabling or other failing equipment on the pole or further back. This would require a tech to open a ticket for different crews to get involved.


Re: intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

While technically shouldn't be an issue under good conditions... not a big fan of downstream SNR sitting in 38 territory. I would keep an eye on them to see if they are dropping into 37 or worse when things go south... could point to a noise issue to address.
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Re: intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

The drops are on both wired and wireless devices. I can actually watch the modem reboot, all lights will go out except power light.

I will pick up a modem from them tomorrow.

I haven’t purchased or returned an other modems amazon. I found out that wasn’t the issue as it kept on happening.

Thanks for all the assistance.
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Re: intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

I will keep an eye on the downstream SNR.

If it goes lower at least I can let them know. Whatif it goes higher ?

And how can I tell them that may be a problem.

Appears they are stubborn and have sent the same tech out here a couple of times. And both times, all is good.

Thanks for your help
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Re: intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

i got a modem and askey router today from spectrum to replace my modem/router combo.


upon hooking it up i am only getting 10-20 mbps, after a chat session then a expedited service called me back.


this is 2 different computers with a wired connection.


turns out i have yet another service call tonight in 2-3 hours(BEWTEEN 6-7).




stay tuned.

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Re: intermittent internet drops for 30 seconds

here are the logs from the ubee E31U2V1

CM IP Prov Mode: IPv6 Only
Ethernet WAN Mode: 
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection: 
Current System Time: Thu Mar 7 17:09:36 2019


Startup Procedure
Acquire Downstream Channel266000000Locked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
Configuration FileOK?BiABGZgIgBAAAAAAAAAAADTYnGfwh0UmBaAADAIAs1T0MlcwxN7M@AAAAAHl6JzNfq7E_ppMMLj8wQZdmobJ0



CM Downstream Channel Info
ChannelLock StatusChannel TypeChannel IDFrequencyWidthPowerSNRModulation Profile IDCorrectablesUncorrectables
1LockedOFDM Downstream17266000000 Hz94000 kHz10.5 dBmV41.0 dB0 1 200
2LockedSC-QAM Downstream1627000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.4 dBmV40.4 dBQAM25600
3LockedSC-QAM Downstream2633000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.5 dBmV40.4 dBQAM25600
4LockedSC-QAM Downstream3639000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.6 dBmV40.6 dBQAM25600
5LockedSC-QAM Downstream4645000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.7 dBQAM25600
6LockedSC-QAM Downstream5651000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.9 dBmV40.7 dBQAM25600
7LockedSC-QAM Downstream6657000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.8 dBmV40.5 dBQAM25600
8LockedSC-QAM Downstream7663000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.9 dBmV40.7 dBQAM25600
9LockedSC-QAM Downstream8669000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.8 dBmV40.7 dBQAM25600
10LockedSC-QAM Downstream9675000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.8 dBmV40.1 dBQAM25600
11LockedSC-QAM Downstream10681000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.8 dBmV40.7 dBQAM25600
12LockedSC-QAM Downstream11687000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.5 dBQAM25600
13LockedSC-QAM Downstream12693000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.7 dBQAM25600
14LockedSC-QAM Downstream13699000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.7 dBQAM25600
15LockedSC-QAM Downstream14705000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.6 dBQAM25600
16LockedSC-QAM Downstream15711000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.7 dBmV40.5 dBQAM25600
17LockedSC-QAM Downstream16717000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.5 dBmV40.5 dBQAM25600
18LockedSC-QAM Downstream18723000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.2 dBmV40.4 dBQAM25600
19LockedSC-QAM Downstream19729000000 Hz6000000 Hz5.1 dBmV40.3 dBQAM25600
20LockedSC-QAM Downstream20735000000 Hz6000000 Hz4.7 dBmV40 dBQAM25600
21LockedSC-QAM Downstream21741000000 Hz6000000 Hz4.7 dBmV40.2 dBQAM25600
22LockedSC-QAM Downstream22747000000 Hz6000000 Hz4.3 dBmV40.1 dBQAM25600
23LockedSC-QAM Downstream23753000000 Hz6000000 Hz4 dBmV39.9 dBQAM25600
24LockedSC-QAM Downstream24759000000 Hz6000000 Hz4 dBmV39.7 dBQAM25600
25LockedSC-QAM Downstream25765000000 Hz6000000 Hz3.6 dBmV39.9 dBQAM25600



CM Upstream Channel Info
ChannelLock StatusChannel TypeChannel IDFrequencyWidthPowerModulation/Profile ID
1LockedATDMA7319400000 Hz3200000 Hz41.3 dBmV1
2LockedATDMA7424200000 Hz6400000 Hz42.3 dBmV2
3LockedATDMA7530600000 Hz6400000 Hz42.5 dBmV2
4LockedATDMA7637000000 Hz3200000 Hz42 dBmV2