Re: insanely high tracerts

I've had 3 technicians come out and they have said nothing is wrong with our house. Our whole neighboorhood has this problem, and I believe it's just TWC throttling our connection.


Re: insanely high tracerts

Sorry, but you need to improve the signal levels first. The DS levelsare marginal and you're also getting some ingress causing the correctables and uncorrectables.

 Then there's going thru 2 NAT routers. One needs to be bridged.


That needs to be repaired first before any further trouble shooting is done.


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Re: insanely high tracerts

You can believe whatever you want, but you'll get service improvements by following the instructions. TWC isnt throttling yourinternet connection, they don't have any economic reason to do that. Most of the volunteers who staff this peer-to-peer syupport forum [including folks who work at TWC] have multiple decades of experience and have solved many more complaints than folks who post here looking for assistance.