high pings and Bufferbloat

Edit: Forgot to say I am in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State, about 100 miles north of New York City.


The day before Thanksgiving was made to change fully to Spectrum because of needing to upgrade TV hardware, in the process that meant my 50Mbs Time Warner connection was now a 100Mbs Spectrum.


After the holiday had to call Service about a TV issue, and while I had them on the line asked about the internet because I was getting these speeds and pings per DSLREPORTS.COM

Local Time              Down   Up     Ping     B Q S = Link      ISP                      Streams             

2016-11-26 22:27:5143.5    1.7623      DD DCableTime Warner Cable   24 / 4 
2016-11-26 22:25:3837.51.3825FDFECableTime Warner Cable16 / 4 
2016-11-26 14:03:4841.21.4834DBFDCableTime Warner Cable16 / 4 
2016-11-26 13:41:5538.20.99330FCFECableTime Warner Cable16 / 4 
2016-11-26 13:35:2438.81.0731FDFECableTime Warner Cable16 / 4 
2016-11-25 19:49:2140.21.0624FCFECableTime Warner Cable16 / 4


Since my modem was several years old suggested I replace it which I did and the days following got these speeds.  These all of course is a wired connection though honestly on my smart phone if I am near the router  (10 feet or less away) I can get 80Mbps there as well

Local Time              Down  Up     Ping     B Q S = Link      ISP                    Streams

2016-11-27 22:37:0694.1   12.05 25   BA+A+ACableTime Warner Cable16 / 6 
2016-11-27 22:35:4592.611.8529BA+A+ACableTime Warner Cable16 / 6 
2016-11-27 21:30:3193.811.9546BA+A+ACableTime Warner Cable16 / 6 
2016-11-27 21:20:2389.811.9221BAA+ACableTime Warner Cable8 / 6 
2016-11-27 00:57:1994.411.8733BAA+ACableTime Warner Cable16 / 6 
2016-11-26 22:46:3895.611.9622BA+A+ACableTime Warner Cable16 / 6 
2016-11-26 22:38:099510.8428BA+A+ACableTime Warner Cable16 / 6


Then comes cyber Monday and I am back to speeds like I had before the update but even worse I am getting pings of 800ms or higher and to go along with it bufferbloat adding in even more delay. I have rebooted everything even reset my router back to factory and made sure to only makes changes needed ot activate the WiFi.  I have read about issues in New York City which I know some of my data is routed through, calling support have been told multiple times there is no issues in my area

Local Time              Down   Up     Ping     B Q S = Link      ISP                         Streams         

2016-11-30 23:52:0940.2    11.82 679   -DDD  CableTime Warner Cable  1 / 1 
2016-11-30 22:57:3043.61222CBDCCableTime Warner Cable16 / 6 
2016-11-30 22:42:4653.510.9858CADCCableTime Warner Cable8 / 6 
2016-11-30 22:39:0256.610.0926CBDCCableTime Warner Cable16 / 6 
2016-11-30 22:05:5952.910.228CADCCableTime Warner Cable8 / 6 
2016-11-30 00:42:134111.56313-ADBCableTime Warner Cable4 / 4 
2016-11-29 23:28:5259.99.9523CCDCCableTime Warner Cable16 / 6


Up streams have been right where I expected them to be entire time but to loose half my speed I am paying for and actually paying more for everything I am getting from Spectrum this makes me concerend, since I have lost TV channels and now speed that I am paying for.


Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

copy and paste the modems signal level and error log pages.


Go to your cable box, press and hold the remote select for 10 seconds then hit the up arrow. What's the IB signal level and s/n



Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

I hope I got what you want from the cable box
Inbound 1 signal -9.0 Bmv  s/n 35.0 db
Inbount 2 signal -9.0 Bmv  s/n 34.0 db
From Modem:

Startup Procedure
Procedure Status Comment
Acquire Downstream Channel Locked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
Configuration FileOK 
DOCSIS Network Access EnabledAllowed 

Downstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNRCorrectedUncorrectables
1LockedQAM2561531000000 Hz-8.4 dBmV39.3 dB1450
2LockedQAM2562537000000 Hz-8.2 dBmV39.5 dB1100
3LockedQAM25624669000000 Hz-10.0 dBmV38.2 dB1343
4LockedQAM25622657000000 Hz-11.0 dBmV37.7 dB44914
5LockedQAM25621651000000 Hz-11.1 dBmV37.7 dB47352
6LockedQAM25623663000000 Hz-10.3 dBmV38.2 dB31428
7LockedQAM2567567000000 Hz-8.5 dBmV39.7 dB16277
8LockedQAM25620645000000 Hz-10.9 dBmV37.7 dB20550
9LockedQAM2569579000000 Hz-8.6 dBmV39.7 dB11344
10LockedQAM25610585000000 Hz-8.6 dBmV39.8 dB10069
11LockedQAM25619639000000 Hz-10.4 dBmV38.0 dB2770
12LockedQAM25612597000000 Hz-8.4 dBmV39.5 dB10486
13LockedQAM25613603000000 Hz-8.2 dBmV39.5 dB12171
14LockedQAM25614609000000 Hz-8.8 dBmV39.3 dB20466
15LockedQAM25615615000000 Hz-9.2 dBmV38.9 dB25868
16LockedQAM25616621000000 Hz-9.4 dBmV38.8 dB1720

Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusUS Channel TypeChannel IDSymbol RateFrequencyPower
1LockedATDMA35120 Ksym/sec30600000 Hz49.3 dBmV
2LockedATDMA25120 Ksym/sec24200000 Hz48.0 dBmV
3LockedTDMA12560 Ksym/sec19400000 Hz48.3 dBmV
4LockedATDMA45120 Ksym/sec37000000 Hz50.5 dBmV


Current System Time: Thu Dec 01 21:10:53 2016


Tue Nov 29 19:07:15 2016Notice (6)TLV-11 - unrecognized OID;CM-MAC=20:3d:66:9c:75:a8;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:8e:28:9a;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
Tue Nov 29 19:07:13 2016Error (4)Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.9;CM-MAC=20:3d:66:9c:75:a8;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:8e:28:9a;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
Tue Nov 29 19:07:13 2016Error (4)Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type: 17.8;CM-MAC=20:3d:66:9c:75:a8;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:8e:28:9a;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;
Time Not EstablishedNotice (6)Overriding MDD IP initialization parameters; IP provisioning mode = IPv6
Mon Nov 28 23:53:34 2016Critical (3)

Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out;CM-MAC=20:3d:66:9c:75:a8;CMTS-MAC=00:17:10:8e:28:9a;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;


Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

DS Levels are too low and indicate more than a single 2 way splitter , US is on the high side but still useable.

... I'll bet there's a 4way before this or you've got an 8way inline.

 Are there jacks in other rooms?

All needs to be disconnected and only enough ports for the 2 devices are to be connected.

 your levels are 6-10 dB too low for only a single 2 way splitter.

This could also be a squirell chewed line that's water damaged



Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

Wish I coudl get time warner I mean Spectrum, to agree, just spend over 2 hours speaking with 6 different CSR's and 1 supervisor, all who said there is nothing wrong with the signal to the modem and there is no issues in my area. Very Frustrating way to spend a Friday night, I even went as far as replaceing the ethernet cables and the coax cables from the computer to router, to modem, to wall with no change before I even tried official support again.


As to splitters their feed drops from the pole,  goes under my front yard, until it attaches to a splitter they put in on the outside, as thie mobile home was built with 3 feeds to the 3 jacks all being seperate going to 1 spot, the feed this modem is on had 1 two way spliter that goes to this modem and then the DVR, now on the back of he DVR is an open coax connection that has always been open since I connect the DVR with HDMI but like I said thats been the same for the past 5 years and the same when I was getting full speed intnernet and not dropped to 1/4 what I am paying for as it has tonight.


Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

Sorry but that's wrong, the 3 way on the outside needs to be replaced with just the grounding block and straigh to the internal 2 way splitter. The other F connector on cable boxes is not a splitter, it's analog ch 3/4 out for really old tv's



Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

Does this grounding block have multiple outs if not then I would loose Tv in the two bedrooms. since there is 3 connections to inside the house not 1 its seperated outside not in.

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Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

@wjbodin3 wrote:

Does this grounding block have multiple outs if not then I would loose Tv in the two bedrooms. since there is 3 connections to inside the house not 1 its seperated outside not in.

If you need a total of three device connections you should use a 3-way splitter with uneven losses of 3.5 / 7 / 7 dB.  The data modem goes on the 3.5 port, TVs on the two 7 dB ports. 


If you already have a two-way splitter you can instead add a second 2-way splitter and a short jumper cable.  TWC may have them available as a self-install package [at no charge?] at their local walk-in store/office..  Call ahead to check that before you make a special trip.  Feed the second splitter for the two bedroom TVs from the other port of your first two-way with the data modem on the other port. 


Follow MsRaye's basic self-intall cable installation rules:

1)  Data modem ALWAYS goes either on the direct feed or the very first 2-way splitter.

2)  There should be no more splitter ports than the number of active devices.  Every splitter port MUST be connected to a cable device (OR have a 75 ohm termination installed).

3)  National Electric Ccode requires either a grounded junction block or the first splitter MUST have a ground wire connected directly to the main electric service ground. 

4)  All connectors tightened with pliers or a 7/16 wrench.  Finger-tight is not enough!


Please reply back to this thread with your results and comments.

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Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

I don't think the modem is causing the Bufferbloat but I could be wrong.

Why I believe it is the router is because I have been running test to try and limit Bufferbloat for the past month or so.


I have a 60x6 connection (apparently). My package was 50X5 with TWC but now that I am on Spectrum it seems I am on 60x6.


Originally I only had an Asus ACT-87U router behind my Netgear CM600 modem. Modem is in bridge mode by default.  I tried several different configurations of QoS protocols and traffic management and the best I could get were these grades, Overall A, Bufferbloat (BB) C and Quality A. Basically had to use fq_codel and traffic management of limiting download to 50 and upload to 5.


Now I have an Edge Router X and Edge Router Lite available to me so I decided to try the same tests. Without any QoS settings in the X I was able to get Overall A, BB C and Quality A. Nice start.

Then I went to the Lite, supposed better performing of the 2 but didn't quite get the same on default settings. I changed some QoS settings, fq_codel is default but I limited bandwidth to 55 download and 5.5 upload and hit Overall A, BB A and Quality A+. 


Needless to say I was very happy with that result. So I turned the Asus in to a WAP only and have the Edge Router Lite as my firewall. Now I just have to learn more and get it setup exactly how I want it!




Re: high pings and Bufferbloat

Edit about 3 hours later: Running a driver update on unrealted hardware, followed by a reboot I had a BSOD that stated I had a driver verifier failure. Which kicked in a memory from before I upgraded my connection speed so I can't say why I initially had almost 2 days of proper speed but in doing some work on the desktop I had activated driver verifier to run tests in background on older drivers. (This is in Windows 10) .  I would have sworn I had disabled it after but just to be sure I went back to Verifier set up and disabled it again followed by a full reboot. Brought the computer back up and immeditaly ran 2 speed tests on both showed slight blufferbloat but in the double digit ratings compared to triple I had before, but my pings were all bacl below 80ms average , down from 300+ and my speed was 90MBps+. Going to let this set for couple more days just to make sure its not come fluke happening but I hope not.

/Edit done


I do not think it is likely at least in my case that the modem is my culprit as I am now on the second modem with no changes to the tests.  I have been running one a day on average just to see if I can trace down time frames  thinking it may just be the local activity causing it. I have seen the other suggestions on here and have not had time to try to test each one with the weather being crap outside when I have had the time,I did not want to add in a new variable by having moisture on the connections as I checked that splitter and its set up outside.