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has anyone replaced their cable modem - I'm trying to find one that has a telephone connection - also trying to save the $10 a month rental fee - 

Any recommendations?


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You can't use your own modem for phone service. You have to use the supplied modem for that. You can use your own modem for internet service though. You'd have to have Spectrum provision your existing modem for phone only and have the main line split so one line goes to the phone modem and one line goes to the internet modem (and any cable boxes). 



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What service do you have? Are you still on a legacy TWC plan? Spectrum does not charge for modems, but they do charge for WiFi.

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if he has triple play, on a 1st year promo, and lives in a state like newyork it's prbably worth staying legacy all the way up to march (if signed up just before march  14 2017)

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@joes  If you use our modem for phone and your own modem for Internet there is no charge

for the phone modem. You would not be charged the $10.00 lease fee at that point.


Hope that helps. 


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