Wireless router for Ubee modem

first of all, let me state that the entire cable business is built on traps and greed. Instead if they focus on value, they can still win clients and reduce the griefing!!


I just made the switch to Spectrum lineup and i was told that cable company no longer charges for the modem rental. However, they will still charge 5 for wifi rental. I was recommended to buy my own wifi router.


I am looking for advice if anyone has had any experience and can provide recommendation on a particular wifi router that will work best with Ubee modem.


I work from home office and will heavily rely on wifi. thank you


Re: Wireless router for Ubee modem

You shouldn't be using wifi or wireless for a start, especially for a business class customer.

IT IS NOT SECURE.  TWC provides a free wifi hotspot to businesses, unknown what Spectrums plan is.   What's $5 a month to your business, it's a tax writeoff!

Do you also have TWC phone service?

If you want to save money, see if you can get them to put the Ubee in bridged mode and then use your own router that you control all access to.



Re: Wireless router for Ubee modem

Yes, wired is best but there are times that we only want wireless or wired is not possible. Get a router that has external antennas, 2.4/5 Ghz, and b/g/n/ac for the best coverage. As long as the Ubee is set to bridge mode and the wireless radio is turned off any router will work (we all have our own brand preference).