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WiFi becomes degraged after a couple days

I've found that my Wifi using the TWC modem becomes degraded after a few days, and I can no longer connect using my iPad, laptop or Amazon Tap when I'm upstairs.  Once I unplug and reset the modem, it will work again for a few days.  Why is that and how can I fix it permanently?

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Re: WiFi becomes degraged after a couple days

Are you having problems with the WiFi signal strength, with connecting to the router portion, or getting out to the internet? Do other devices connect to your network (phone, for example?) Do you have a device that can plug directly into the cable modem? Do you have an app that shows WiFi signal strength? If you're closer to the modem, does your iPad or laptop connect? If so, what is the tested speed to the internet?


Re: WiFi becomes degraged after a couple days

Get a real router rather than the all in one combo, put it in bridged and use it as a modem only



Re: WiFi becomes degraged after a couple days

Manually set your WiFi channel to one that isn't being used.  Use a WiFi analyzer tool, such as:

(just an example, search for one that works on your platform)

Use this to pick channel(s) that aren't being used by someone else.  If you have a problems connecting again, open your analyzer to check for other WiFi networks overlapping yours.  If so, you can look for another empty channel or wait for your neighbor (or ask them) to reboot their router and let their router pick a different channel.


How many WiFi networks do you have?  Do you have one for 2.4GHz and one for 5?  Do you have a guest network enabled?  Ensure you are using different network names (SSID) for each of these.


Disable any energy saving features on the router.


Disable hiding SSID; ensire the WiFi network name is being broadcast.


Tell your devices to forget your WiFi network, reboot the devices, then add the WiFi connection again.


If those do not fix your problem, log into the router and post its configuration.


Re: WiFi becomes degraged after a couple days

look in the log and see if there's devices you don't have listed.. If so turn off WPS and any guest access.

 Are speeds on a wired connection good?

If so, forget using wireless