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WiFi FireStick TV buffering

I use an Amazon FireStick to stream TV in my bedroom.  I have it attached to a 2.4g wireless extender.  When watching shows, they will stop & start repeatedly during shows.  I cleared the cache,data and re-started the Stick but the issue persists.  Any suggestions for getting the shows to play uninterrupted?

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Re: WiFi FireStick TV buffering

Single-band Wi-Fi extenders always reduce your data speed by 50%, so they should be avoided.  There are at least three possible ways to improve your WiFi streaming performance: 

1.  Move your router closer to the bedroom TV so there is no need for an extender,

2.  Purchase a new extender and firestick that use the new 802.11AC high speed protocol on 5 GHz (yes, some firesticks DO run on 5 GHz!), or

3.  Purchase a dual-band cross-band extender that works between your existing 2.4 GHz router and a new firestick on a 5 GHz channel. 

You could also consider usimg an Ethernet over PowerLine adapter between your modem's present location and the TV in your bedroom.