Why do I have 2 wifi's? (2.5ghz & 5ghz)

I just got Spectrum and was  wondering why I have 2 separate wifi's that I can connect to. I would imagine the 5.0 ghz is faster??  I know the device would need to be Compatable.  

Whats the purpose of the 2 wifi's? 

Thanks :-)


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Re: Why do I have 2 wifi's? (2.5ghz & 5ghz)

Having both bands can be helpful -- the 2.4GHz band has greater range but a lower top speed, the 5.0GHz band has shorter range and a higher top speed.  The 5.0GHz usually has fewer interactions with neighbors, so if your device supports the 5.0GHz band, try using it first.  If you have range issues, try the 2.4GHz band.


Also, you'll generally get better WiFi coverage and speed if you use your own wireless router (one with external antennas) rather than the integrated WiFi in the Spectrum modem/gateway device.  To do this, you need to put the Spectrum device in bridge mode (you might need Spectrum to do this part for you) and insert your own router between the Spectrum device and your wired Ethernet connections (if you have any).  Then you can drop the Spectrum WiFi service and save $5 per month.

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Re: Why do I have 2 wifi's? (2.5ghz & 5ghz)

Another important reason is that the FCC rules here in the USA say WiFi devices operating on the 5 GHz channels cannot use antennas installed outdoors.  Canada has different regulations and some different channel assignments in their 5 GHz bands.


Re: Why do I have 2 wifi's? (2.5ghz & 5ghz)

Something that works out pretty well in my house is to set fixed devices that are not hard wired like smart tv, Roku, Playstation, desktop computer, Apple TV, etc. to 5 GHz if they are close enough to the router and leave 2.4 GHz to mobile devices and the occasional guest access.