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What's your cable modem history like?

Past and current leased cable modems for me:


Former Nest:
1.32 years = Terayon TeraPro cable modem (not DOCSIS) on Adelphia (Excite@Home).
2.46 years = COM21 DP1110XB-N (DOXport) due to Adelphia's PowerLink DOCSIS migration.
3.33 years = Terayon TJ715X (came back to cable)
5.92 years = Ambit/Ubee U10C018 cable modem due to coax cable connection problems on the old modem.


Current Nest:
2.17 years = Arris TM502G (DOCSIS 2.0; v02)
5.62 years = Arris 1672G (DOCSIS 3.0) due to speed upgrade.
? = Spectrum's E31?2V1? due to dying cable modem due to its very high (hundred ms) pings on, unstable Internet, and unable to connect to servers.

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Re: What's your cable modem history like?

Uggh... too much history to recall them all.

Goes back to the 90's when it was the RoadRunner brand... Toshiba modems and we were only getting up to 1.5m down, 512k up. Went through a few iterations of Motorola/Arris models along the way.

Remember trying out a Zoom 5341J at one point. Was a pretty solid little box... but didn't take long to outgrow it (think it was a 4x4?).

Been real happy with the Netgear modems lately. No Pumas though.... Broadcom chipsets is the way to go there.

The 24 channel CM600 worked really well... but started having some upstrean line condition issues and swapped back to the 16 channel CM500 to access the spectrum analyzer while we tracked things down. Wound up finding a legacy TV choke on the line that was dropping a lot of channels too low to be serviceable.

Haven't moved back to the 600 yet since the 500 is managing the standard 100m plan just fine. When they get the 200m standard rolled out though, will probably go back to the 24 channels for the extra headroom.
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Re: What's your cable modem history like?

Bought a Motorola SB6141 in June 2013.  Signed up for (then) Lite Internet from TWC, which was installed in July of that year.  Moved to ELP when it was offered.  Still on ELP.


Modem works fine for the level of service I pay for, especially now that ELP is 20/2 at $19.99 per month.  Spectrum will not provide a "free" modem on the ELP plan.

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Re: What's your cable modem history like?

My 1st Spectrum (then Insight) modem was a D2 that was literally roasted and toasted by a nearby lightning strike,,,,,EMI pulse? 

After that I purchased and used my own modem: a SB6183 with an Archer C9 router (Insight-Time Warner-Charter Spectrum)...  Both of these were in Southern Indiana


Back across the river, here in Ky,  I've had a Ubee DDW36C, a Technicolor tc8717t, and now a Hitron E31N2V1