What's the best modem TWC/Spectrum gives out to customer?

Hello, my current set up is TC8717T modem with Asus RT-AC68U

and I feel like the modem is holding back the router's capability.


The speedtest shows what the company offers for my plan (117mb dl/11mb ul) yet,

the ping occasionally spikes and will bring the upload speed down to 1-2mb in both modem-pc and modem-router-pc connections.


The technician came by to do the wiring all over again including the box in the parking lot and replaced the modem with the same model but the symptom still exists.


Which modem would you guys say is that best one that the company hands out?

Thank you.


Re: What's the best modem TWC/Spectrum gives out to customer?

Depends on market area I believe, in my market area our highest speed currently is 400 Mbps with plans already in the works for 1000 Mbps (gigabit). But as of writing this post, the best residential rental/leased modem we give out is the Arris TM1602A is the current best.  It has no problem locking onto a 24 downstream by 4 upstream plant and giving upto 500 Mbps.  Similar to the motorola surfboard series in that is does a pretty amazing job in still delivering internet even when the RF levels are crappy.

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Re: What's the best modem TWC/Spectrum gives out to customer?

Good morning. Sorry to hear you are still having problems. 


We would be happy to take a look from here. We've got multiple forums participants

that are excellent with troubleshooting connectivity, we would need a bit more information 

to help out. 


You can find a list of helpful things to post here: DATA-TO-POST-TO-GET-HELP-FROM-THE-COMMUNITY


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Re: What's the best modem TWC/Spectrum gives out to customer?

@ams3401 You don't have a modem problem, you have a signal problem. You can replace the modem with every model available and you will still have the same problem.

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Re: What's the best modem TWC/Spectrum gives out to customer?

Cable internet modems aren't simply ranked overall from best to worst - each manufacturer's product lines have their good and bad points andall models are different.  The technical performance rankings will vary within the measurement categories and may depend on use of different extra features that are beyond the basic DOCSIS levels.  Some of the characteristics rated are number of channels down and up, maximum data speed limits, and whether the device is just a modem or an all-in-one gateway combination unit with WiFi.  In the long run youi'll find that "Best" is always decided by the eyes of the beholder (much like an engagement ring).  If the modem does what YOU need it to do, you shouldn't worry about how highly other users rank it.

Also, Spectrum provides different modems to customers who subscribe to telephone service.  Those have built-in VoIP phone line signalling card adapters that operate separately from the internet modem.  If you pay Spectrum for landline phone service you have to use the eMTA modem that Spectrum installs; customer provided telephone modems are not allowed on their cable network.