What (non-telephony) cable modem do you rent/lease from TWC?

The TWC customer service reps often seem to fall back on "It's because you purchased your own cable modem" as an explanation for problems.


It is apparently considered irrelevant that (1) the cable modem is on the TWC approved & supported list and (2) TWC has complete control over how the modem is configured/provisioned to operate.


So I got to wondering. What DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem is TWC renting to people these days? 


Please do not add your TWC rented cable modem to this list if you also get your home phone service through TWC,  I am only trying to get a guess about which non-telephony cable modems TWC is renting these days.



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Re: What (non-telephony) cable modem do you rent/lease from TWC?

8x4 SB6141 modem only , probably the most reliable with millions in service, if you're buying one, get a white one, there's lotsa damaged /stolen black ones on ebay...


 8x4 SB6580 modem/router combo


 DO NOT GET ANY 4x4 MODEMS, they have limited channel bandwidth and will not work well when scattered over 12 or more channels

it may be why TWC will only provision them up to 50/5


Hopefully, twc is no longer handing out old, obsolete single ch docsis 2's