Website Blocked?

I’m trying to access the website iDrive.com. It works fine from my mobile device on 3g, and when connecting my PC to my device as a hotspot. When I use my wifi on either my PC or iPhone, the site won’t load. I don’t know many things to try as far as troubleshooting, but I did use a website that would let me test accessing the site while on wifi through a VPN and it loaded fine.
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Re: Website Blocked?

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There are a couple possible reasons that you are being blocked.  Sometimes the website will block your IP address or there is a program on your computer (including malware) that triggers a block.   Using a VPN is one work around.   You can also try changing the DNS on your device from automatic to a public DNS such as Google DNS (  You can also try a nslookup at the command prompt to find the IP address of the website and connect using the IP address directly instead of the URL (for this example it is