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WIFI Cameras Not Visible Over Internet

Hi - I purchased the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Cameras to monitor the perimeter of my house and a couple of entrances while on vacation. They connect to a home base station, which is connected to my WIFI router and makes them accessible over the internet and recordings are saved in the cloud via Netgear's portal. The problem is,  I can no longer access them via the portal with Spectrum's internet service. 


I only noticed once I left for vacation. (All the while I was home everything worked) When I contacted Spectrum support, they saw no connectivity 7 hours after I left, based on their timestamp and correlating it to when I left.


I know this may be unrelated, but I wanted to ask in this forum anyway:  I have TV and Internet service and unplugged the only two STBs I have  before I left. They are in totally different rooms from WIFI Router and Cable modem which were turned on.  Would Spectrum disable internet service if it detects no activity on the STBs under the same account, assuming service is moving or something like that?


Power is still on at the house and there are no localized service issues. The only thing I have done was disconnect STBs, which is why I am curious if it affected Internet service.


Thanks for reading.

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Re: WIFI Cameras Not Visible Over Internet

I agree with your premise that normally the device connections for video programming and internet connectivity should not impact each other.  However, there is one possibility if your home uses an amplified splitter that is powered through a cable connection.  When you unplug the power or coaxial cable of the box that supplies power, the amplifier will die, and with it all of your video and internet devices that use your cable connection. For your next trip, don't make a major change to your home network like that as you are going out the door, without testing it first. 

At least there is a way to restore your remote viewing access if you happen to have someone watching your home and doing the minimal things like cutting grass and taking out trash for pickup.  Just ask that person to go inside and plug the set top box power cords and cables back into their wall outlets. 

In general your set top cable boxes should be powered up every night betweem 1 and 5 AM so that Spectrum can interrogate it and update the programming and channel lists.  If you leave it off-line, you may find that after a month or so you have two useless bricks that have to be exchanged for new units from Spectrum before you can watch TV again. 

Don't believe all the hype that a couple of minor networks are distributing this summer, claiming that your cable box is the largest user of electricity in your home.  That's only possible IF your existing box is a ten-year old DVR with a few obsolete physical hard drives instead of solid-state memory.

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Re: WIFI Cameras Not Visible Over Internet

Thank you karlbeckman for the response. I will see what the results are once I return and let you know.

I appreciate you taking time to explain.