VPN Issues Lexington, KY and Dallas, TX

My associate and I both connect to our company VPN to support a computer application.  We have both been using this VPN since the beginning of 2015. (longer for me, several years)


This morning, about mid morning, it stopped working.  There are 4 of us in different support roles, 2 on TWC and 2 on other ISPs.  The two of us with problems are in different states, but the same ISP, TWC.


Each of us used our Sprint and Verizonwireless mobile wireless devices and were able to connect to the VPN without any issues.  I have rebooted the TWC modem and my home router. I have rebooted my laptop. My associate has done the same.


I contacted the chat support of TWC. The lady remoted to my laptop and applied a pending firmware upgrade for the router.  I don't know how this was supposed to fix the issue but of course, it was going to reboot at the end, which it did, and cut us off.  I rebooted again and went back to the TWC chat session, getting a different agent. He said he would check the status of my modem and get back to me, then he ended the chat session.


I don't know why, when 2 people in 2 states have an identical issue happen at the same time the support agents think it's the customer's equipment, even when the agent has been told it's happening in 2 states, started at the same time and both are able to connect through another ISP without issue.  Also, that 2 others in 2 more states on different ISPs are not having the issue.  Logic dictates that the analysis starting point has to be with the ISP and not with the customer.


Maybe someone at TWC can explain this issue.  If I can't have VPN working I have to go to another ISP, I don't have any choice.


Re: VPN Issues Lexington, KY and Dallas, TX

You need to use your own router, with a seperate modem  for a start. Any of the all in one advanced gateways give the cable co total control of it.

Whenever they send an update, all your settings are changed to some sort of default.




Re: VPN Issues Lexington, KY and Dallas, TX

I don't have a lot of experience with VPN and am not aquainted with all the different configurations which might be used.  Are you using your router as your VPN client?


Can you ping either the VPN server or if you can establish a VPN tunnel, can you ping that address?


If your ping shows IPv6 values try putting a -4 after the ping command.


ping -4  and of course you would use actual IP addresses.


MsRaye seems to like trace routes done and the -4 will work there also.


tracert -4


Since the heavy rain did not arrive in the DFW area untill late afternoon, is suppose that is not involved?


Specific information about how it stopped working, indications you received or error messages?


Re: VPN Issues Lexington, KY and Dallas, TX

Thanks for the responses.  Four people all using the same VPN connection and the only two that have a problem are on TWC in different states while the other 2 are just fine.  We've been on the same VPN and hardware since the beginning of the year, no issues. Yesterday morning, no connection.  If neither of us changed any hardware or settings, and we can both use a Sprint or Verizon wireless hotspot and connect, it's not on our end. 


I didn't do anything to my setup and neither did my associate but this morning we're back online.  So whatever the issue was, it had to be with TWC and was corrected.  Although it may be possible to tweak your own settings to get around an issue created by your ISP, sometimes it's better to just wait it out. I'm thinking enough people called in about it.


Anyhow, thanks again for your responses Smiley Happy