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Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.

Ok, here we go. Someone solve this before I leave spectrum forever. On friday, 10/13, my upload speed dropped, and it has not come back to this day.  I pay for the ultimate 200 plan, which means i should be getting 20 mbps upload. Currently the spectrum tests are showing a range of 4-7 mbps, but that's complet (edited) ecause if I was getting 4 mbps upload i wouldn't have an issue. is showing 2 mb which sounds about right for the problems I'm having. Either way, it's still far too low for what I am paying for. 

I have contacted support and they sent 'signals' to my modem. I have had a tech come and check and said that everything looks green, but he still got numbers the same as mine on the spectrum test. Both wired and wi-fi (2.4/5) are showing the same speeds. He couldn't find anything wrong.  The modem is the Arris TM1602A, and the router is the Sagemcom Fast 5260. Nothing is wrong with them as far as I know, because they are brand new, because I was having outages last month! Fantastic service. 

This issue is brand new, have not had issues with upload speed before 10/13.
Modem up/downstream and event logs:

Location: Los Angeles, CA 91307

I have restarted the router/modem, i have restarted my computer, i have updated my internet drivers, i have called support, I have recieved a tech visit, I have checked my cables, I have checked my wi-fi, I have checked every program making outgoing signals,  I have done everything under the sun, and i'm still getting (according to spectrum) 15 mbps lower than I should be, although I doubt that and think it's closer to 18 mbps lower. 

I am totally done with this right now, but i'll give it one last shot at this forum, anything you can think of and throw out there let me know.  The best kicker is for about an hour I had the 20 mbps i need today, and then it disappeared again.



Re: Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.

Post the signal level and error log pages for a start.

Are you testing with a wired connection to the router with all other devices turned off?


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Re: Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.

The up/down stream and event logs are in a paste bin in the post. If that's not what you mean by signal level and error log then can you describe more what it is you are looking for?

Yes, tested with/without other devices on network with no change.
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Re: Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.

Across the past two weeks...

Your modem's downstream power levels are fluctuating by +/- 5 to 6 dB daily, which is possibly a bit much.

Your modem's upstream power levels are fluctuating between 42 and 45 dBmV, which is too much (upstream is lower frequency so should only barely flucatuate, +/- 3 dB flux on such low frequencies is indicative of something being unstable, possibly barely connected)

And the SNR for both the up and downstream fluctuates in the exact same pattern daily with the upstream and downstream.


* We need to come out and check for a maintenance issue @ the tap as well as check for ingress.

* We need to come out and check fittings, including behind a wallplate (if present) -- looking for non-compliant/leaky/crappy fittings, braids wrapped around the center conductor, fittings sucked-out, etc.

* And YOU need to take a closer look at your WiFi environment.  (for starters, avoid using the 2.4 GHz in a MDU, try to always use the 5.0 GHz if your devices can support it). You can also make sure the fitting you can see aren't just barely attached, they should be screwed to 20 inch/lbs of torque, ideally.


So basically, two things that you should schedule a troublecall appointment for, one thing that the community here can offer advice on (LAN stuff like WiFi and software stuff)


Hope this helps ya out!

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Re: Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.

It's also obvious that TWC shut off the correctable/ uncorrectable reporting as the RCS partial service should show a lot of hits on one or more channels making exact diagnosis more difficult since the reports are hidden.

But it's probably bad connections/ open splitter ports, loose connectors allowing broadcast TV and 4G cellular ingress in.

Make sure all connectors are chiny and a tad more than finger tight. If you're internet only, there should be no splitters inline.

Problem may be outside somewhere or at the pole or down the street


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Re: Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.



I boldly presume that you know how Speedtest works, or more precisely, where it measures your internet data speed.  The Spectrum Ookla sites measure from your modem to one of a handful of Ookla servers at various locations inside Spectrum's network.  They do NOT include delays or bottlenecks caused by any other 3rd parties, including Spectrum's contracted Internet eXchange Providers who route your data onto the world wide web.   So Speedtest is reporting that your data moves  around the Spectrum transport network at 4 Mbps.  The only way to know the end-to-end data speed when using your site is if your target site includes a Speedtest server and you use that to conduct the measurement.  The differences are caused by the folks hauling your bits between one of Spectrum's limited number of IXPs and their final destination. 

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Re: Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.

Thank you very much for all the replies and information. The tech that came already called for a maintenance crew to come out and check the pole and lines, but he said they would take 2-3 weeks, and I was hoping for a quicker fix.

The info is good though, and I will make sure to show this thread to them when they arrive so they have a better idea of what they are working with.

Re: Upload speed has dropped by a ton and will not come back.

any signal change of 3dB will cause resets both up and downstream. Without correctable/ uncorrectable counts, it's impossible to tell which  channels are having issues here.

I would get a modem only and a seperate router or at least turn off IPv6 to see if there's an issue, especially if you have TWC phone service.

And please copy and paste level pages here so we can easily compare them