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Upload Speed LOW - Need Fix

Hello, I've had great service for the past few months until 12/3/17 (Sunday)
where my upload speed has dropped to between 2-5mbps, which is definitely not
what I'm paying for. My download speed has been completlely fine, but my upload
took a massive toll for no apparent reason.

First, I tried contacting online support who tried to do something from their
side, but nothing worked so they scheduled a technician appointment for me.
A technician came by today and replaced the modem, checked outside lines, etc.
He said everything was fine at my house and there was nothing wrong here.

Still, the issue has not been resolved and I'm very frustrated because I do
live streaming and it's impossible to stream with this low upload when the
kbps drops all the way down to zero every 10-15 seconds.


New modem - Technicolor MTA Model: TC8717T
Plan - Ultimate 200
Zip area - 27282

I've checked other forum posts and none of them have been any use. I'm not
running any cloud services, dropbox, etc. I haven't changed/downloaded anything
ever since this problem has happened.
I am on Wired / Ethernet connection.


Not sure what logs are required for this type of situation, but here are some:


Downstream Channel

555 MHz609 MHz519 MHz525 MHz531 MHz537 MHz543 MHz549 MHz507 MHz561 MHz567 MHz573 MHz603 MHz585 MHz591 MHz597 MHz
41.0 dB42.0 dB41.3 dB41.6 dB41.6 dB41.9 dB41.8 dB41.8 dB39.9 dB40.4 dB40.4 dB40.5 dB42.5 dB40.6 dB41.3 dB41.7 dB
9.7 dBmV12.6 dBmV9.8 dBmV10.4 dBmV10.4 dBmV11.0 dBmV11.4 dBmV10.9 dBmV8.5 dBmV8.5 dBmV8.4 dBmV9.0 dBmV13.0 dBmV9.1 dBmV10.7 dBmV11.8 dBmV
256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM256 QAM


Upstream Channel 

37.0 MHz24.2 MHz30.6 MHz19.4 MHz
2560 Ksym/sec5120 Ksym/sec5120 Ksym/sec2560 Ksym/sec
45.0 dBmV45.0 dBmV46.3 dBmV43.5 dBmV


CM Error Codewords 

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Re: Upload Speed LOW - Need Fix

All of your incoming DS levels are borderline too high, especially DS Chnl 2 reads over 12.6 dBmV, where the max allowed is +10.0.  Inserting a 6 dB pad will bring things down, but your outbound US levels will not tolerate the 6 dB loss in that direction. 

You can have the home service tech inspect your drop cable and replace if it is chafed by a tree branch or gnawed on by squirrels.  Same if you have an Internet service only "No-TV" filter somewhere in your feed.  Water leaking in anywhere along the drop cable or into the filter is a BAD thing!

Actually those DS line levels are far enough out of balance that a line maintenance crew should come out to recalibrate the upstream line amplifiers.  That in itself could improve both internet and TV for the entire neighborhood.

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Re: Upload Speed LOW - Need Fix

Yes, my download levels are completely fine though.


The technician already came and said everything with my cables were fine outside and inside.

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Re: Upload Speed LOW - Need Fix

Why do you insist that your signal levels are OK?  The window for DS (incoming) channels is -10.0 to +10.0 dBmV.  Did your service tech show you what the DS levels are on each of the incoming channels?  And what does your modem show after the tech left?

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Re: Upload Speed LOW - Need Fix

Good morning.


I see that all of your downstream signal levels are out of the range they should be.

I also see high uncorrectables on all of the upstream channels. 


I would encourage you to contact our Social Media Customer Care team to 

schedule a follow up visit.


Please let them know that you have been in the Forums and that I have

recommended a visit. I will also note your account with my findings.


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
Lead Moderator-Community Forums