Upgraded speeds in central Maine area?

i am currently paying for extreme internet, and getting 30/5 speeds. i was browing some forums, and seen may people in my area got a speed upgrade. Is there something i am missing? i see that people are getting 100/10 but i dont seem to have that option. any help?


Re: Upgraded speeds in central Maine area?

Call them or go to store and switch your plan from twc extreme or what ever you have to spectrum internet

The standard price is 65.99
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Re: Upgraded speeds in central Maine area?

Be VERY careful when you consider switching your phone, cable TV, and internet service from legacy TW to Spectrum. All three have to switch as a group, you can't switch just your internet.  Also, once you make that switch you CANNOT EVER go back to TW rates or product offerings.  There is no 24 hour or three day FTC period to change your mind!!


The channels offered in comparable programming tiers are NOT the same.  Compare the channel lists very carefully and make a list of the TW channels which  are not available from Spectrum.  You should find there are about a dozen - make sure none of your favorite shows are carried on those networks or channels, because you will never be able to view them again! 


Re: Upgraded speeds in central Maine area?

I assume 30/5 would be out of the promo price by now and cost around $85(95 if paying for modem) VS spectrums 100mb for $65.99

And if was on a triple play that had 30/5 internet usually came with standard TV instead of preferred. So at most would lose like gameshow network and turner classic movies. But if already payng full rates then adding digi tier 1 for $12 would still be cheaper. Phone is now just a $10 addon